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Our customers from different business sectors are served under a single umbrella of MIL warehouses. MIL’s team equipped with sector-based know- how, give us the opportunity to answer our customer’s requests on time. Customers will benefit from highly skilled team in all services they need for their goods.

The value-added logistics warehousing, which involve a wide array of activities.

  1. Simple storage, distribution, and order picking part of the inventory management systems of manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
  2. Quality control (inspection) and testing of products before being sent to customers.                                    
  3. Transloading international load units into domestic load units. This applies notably to container transportation.
  4. Receiving goods, breaking shipments and packing (preparing for shipment). Can also involve packaging where goods are broken down into units ready for retail sales.
  5. In part related with packaging, labeling provides information on the product for consumers such as brand and product specifications. 
  6. Light manufacturing tasks such as assembly and customizing to country-specific (or culture-specific) demands, which includes adding parts and manuals.
  7. A variety of reverse logistics activities such returning empty packaging, the recycling of used goods back into the commodity chain or the cleaning of containers to be reused.
  8. Providing specialized storage facilities, such as to support cold chain logistics.                                   
  9. The transport activities of pickup and delivery to support logistical activities.Both flows can be terminal-related if long distance transportation is involved (e.g. maritime, rail) or directly related to suppliers or customers.

Warehousing Facilities

With our flexible warehouse solutions, you will benefit from modern and secured storage facilities, indoor as well as outdoor. Our highly qualified staff is capable of handling all types of cargo, and modern equipment ensures a safe handling of your goods.

Project Management

Comprehensive, scalable transportation, warehousing and distribution solutions for projects of any size and scope.We handle packaging, distribution, dock-to-dock transport and more. Thanks to this, we can provide a one-stop solution for all of your logistics needs.

Cold Storage Facilities

Cold or refrigerated storage is appropriate for various products including food, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, poultry, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea, medicines, with temperatures in our cold storage warehouse able to vary depending on the quantity and types of goods on hand. 

One-stop convenience for all of your cold storage needs

Whether you require blast freezing – to help lock-in the appearance and quality of your products – or room freezing, we’ve got you covered. We manage both services seamlessly to ensure your products maintain their quality in either of our temperature controlled warehouse spaces.

MIL also provides office space  in a business centre creating opportunities for networking and you can establish mutually beneficial business contacts with other entrepreneurs and companies.

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